Our work starts NOW. Let's get a head start on this year.


We don't have to sit around idle while this election is happening. Let's hit the ground running and get started NOW.

You can make a difference. Contribute by taking ownership of a short term project or one time task. This is what we need help with now. If we are going to get anything accomplished, we are going to need collaboration. 


SHort term projectS (10-30 min commitment) 

  1. Make a Quizlet card for USG committees and positions- use USG Constitution as guide
  2. Make a Quizlet card on past USG policy
  3. Make Quizlet cards of Admin overviews 
  4. Add to this Google Doc of SUCCESSFUL icebreakers and team bonding activities 
  5. Add to this Google Doc of best practices for emails and communication 
  6.  Scope out more free spaces for CPS satellite offices
  7. Review NYU & Columbia's CPS satellite office system
  8. Vote on new "Princeton Fashions" i.e. inspired by USC outfits...... Coming soon


Spread the Word

  1. Invite friends to watch USG presidential debate- Wednesday 12/6 @ 6:30 @Whig Clio
  2. Know people who are good at making MEMES or puns? Add them to Google Doc
  3. Know funny people? Add them to Google Doc
  4. Point People of Student Groups Not Listed? Add them to Google Doc
  5. Check out dorm furniture that will replace all outside furniture- 5th Floor of New South
  6. Help Plan (Comedy Central Inspired) USG Roast: April 2018
  7. Help MAKE VIDEO IDEAS CAPTIVATING & come to life (hopefully we'll go viral) 


Add to this Google Doc of other ideas you would like to see happen. 

I cannot do this on my own. I am 100 percent sure of this. This needs to be a collaborative effort. 

There are SO many things that I want to accomplish this year, but it would be tangibly impossible to do them on my own. Let's go team.