Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.
— Steven Covey


Princeton is my home - our home. And like any home, Princeton has its unique set of issues. I believe in working to improve the REAL problems that Princeton has, while preserving all the things that are beautiful and great about it. To turn these ideals into reality, we need reform the USG - the organization and people who we entrust with the responsibility to care for Princeton - our Princeton - and all our hopes for what it can be. And then, we can make the Princeton we have now into the Princeton we know it can be.

What I hope to Achieve

  • Identify and alleviate the root causes of isolation and loneliness on campus
  • Get people out of their comfort zones to help them grow 
  • Help people to see other people beyond external labels and stereotypes
  • Help to develop mentally and emotionally mature, healthy, balanced, fully functioning adults that will be able to contribute positively to society 
  • Redefine the role of USG: Build relationships with the people who have the real power to make decisions and influence them: advocacy
  • Create a legacy of mentorship- so anyone can join without any previous experience (through step-by-step guides) 
  • Foster inter-club/ inter-sport/ inter- activity communication of best practices (also to help break rigid thinking about stereotypes) 
  • Be real and upfront about what USG is working on

If we can see past the externalities of people and see them for who they really are. Their characters & how they treat people- you know, the stuff that really matters. We would all be a lot better off.
— Me

An excerpt from my Gap Year Blog

11 Facts About Me 

  1. I do not like green skittles
  2. I used to fence
  3. I once cried during the Muppets Movie 
  4. I have a day named after me in my town 
  5. I took Arabic to be "a more interesting person" freshman year 
  6. I have peeled a banana with my feet
  7. My spirit animal is a "dog that can't catch a frisbee
  8. When I try to be funny, it usually just ends up being awkward
  9. I like making homemade deodorant 
  10. I once chased after a Google car so I could be on Google Maps 
  11. I liked Justin Bieber before he became famous